How Are You Responding to the Pandemic Challenge?

What are the most effective dealer strategies for successfully negotiating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic? Based on our work with a broad range of dealers of various types, sizes and alignments over the past nine months, primarily on ways to work remotely and reduce transaction costs in the face of often severe gross margin dollar challenges, here are some of the common elements that we’ve seen most often among successful dealers 

  • They’ve developed the ability to maintain and operate the business remotely and also created a strong online presence, so that they can still sell effectively without having to physically be in front of people. 
  • They’ve adjusted their marketing to serve a hybrid customer base that includes both office-based and home-based end users. 
  • They’ve also adjusted their business model to respond to a lot more small orders than they saw in pre-COVID days. Those orders may or may not come with high gross profit but they all still take the same amount of man hours and effort to fulfill and best practices dealers have adjusted accordingly. 
  • They’re leveraging existing technology resources more effectively and pushing their dealership further down the path of digital transformation while minimizing disruptions to their existing business and technology infrastructure. 

No two dealers are alike, of course, and there’s no guarantee that what works for one will work for others. But if you aren’t at least exploring how changes like these might help your own business, now might be a good time to start. 

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