Supporting the Contract Furniture Ecosystem.

The Contract Furniture ecosystem includes manufacturers, suppliers, sales and distribution partners, influencers, and a wide range of proprietary systems.

Our platforms and services simplify engagement and communications, streamline end-to-end transactions, and integrate with ERP software to bridge gaps and reduce manual transactional processes, so everyone can focus on front-end customer engagement. 

Seamlessly connect with dealers, rep groups, and installers. | Expedite order management transactions. | Transform your customer experience.

Simplify engagement and communications with manufacturers and installers. | Streamline end-to-end transactions. | Delight customers.

Stay connected with manufacturers and dealers. | Maximize opportunities. | Streamline order management and commission tracking, calculation, and payment.

Streamline installation quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and dispute resolution. | Expedite payments and reduce outstanding receivables.

We Make Back-Office Workflow Better.

At Avanto, we are passionate about optimizing back-office workflow for dealers, manufacturers, and rep groups through automation and support. 


We come alongside our clients with industry experienced staffing to fill labor gaps and get the job done.


We leverage extensive industry experience to indentify opportunities for process improvement and process automation.


Our OrderBahn platform optimizes order processing, reduces the number of manual workflows, and relieves IT functions.

Experts In Our Space

We believe in the power of people.

With over 50 active integrations and subsequent learning, we are uniquely positioned to help clients dramatically improve results. 

  • Do more with the same or fewer people.
  • Track processes from beginning to end.
  • Improve work/life balance for key employees.
  • Connect with the Contract Furniture Industry ecosystem.
  • Validate or challenge current processes.
  • Enhance your vision into root causes of issues. 


Current Integrations

Industry Changing Platforms

Designed for seamless integration, streamlining end-to-end transactions, and connecting the contract furniture ecosystem.

OrderBahn Logo

Automated transaction tool with virtually limitless integrations.

Commission Module

Integrated application platform that tracks, calculates, and reports commissions. 

Services that Support and Streamline

Services designed to support your back-office needs with industry-experienced professionals and software integration.


Complete end-to-end order management tracking and support.


Full-service accounting services including collections, invoicing, and payment processing.


Integration with major industry systems, designed to automate manual transactional processes and reporting.

Proven Systems. Proven Results.

Case Studies

Our leadership team has spent years working in the furniture industry and professional experience outside the industry. Understanding the unique complexities of the furniture transaction, combined with insights from outside industries is what powers the Avanto experience!

“Avanto is just so reliable. They’ve been very responsive to our needs, you never have to worry about them calling in sick and they’ve really helped us focus in on our current processes and procedures and find new ways to make them more efficient and productive.”

-Jamie Wright

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve our processes and work more efficiently and Avanto has become a critical partner for us in that effort.”

-Kori Hansen

“Since engaging Avanto about three years ago, they have become an invaluable resource, to make sure we are using technology effectively and help us maintain our competitive edge.”

-Mehmet Bakkaloglu

Our Resources

Furniture is a complex business. With over 20 years of professional experience in the Furniture Industry, Avanto has collected valuable business connections and resources that you may find useful.

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    At Avanto, we leverage processing experts, automation, and integration of your current systems to streamline your front-end processes.


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