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Avanto is on a mission to partner with disruptors in elevating the Contract Furniture Industry people, processes, and technology. While our team is focused primarily on streamlining transactions and connecting systems and resources throughout the order management process, we believe that awareness of what the industry ecosystem is talking about goes a long way toward moving things forward, and understanding how we can lean in and help. Industry podcasts are a great way to listen and learn!

Here are some of our favorite highlights and take-a-ways from some of the July podcasts we follow.

Design Pop | July 10, 2023 – Dealer Designers Can Dent the Universe with Josh Collins

@Alexandra Tseffos sits down with Josh Collins, Design Director at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors to learn more about his journey from A&D to Dealership, his thoughts around how Dealer Designers can dent the universe, and advice he would give to his younger self.

Favorite Take-A-Way:

What Advice Would You Give your Younger Self?

Josh Collin’s regret? Not taking advantage of more internship opportunities. Get the exposure. Try a lot of different things. Try the same thing with multiple A&D firms. Get a feel for what you like, what you’re good at, and what culture you thrive in. Do as many internships as possible!

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TechBox Collective | July 11, 2023 – Managing Data

This month, Kari Anderson dives into product data management tools specifically developed for the commercial interiors industry, with a focus on managing data for Spec Tools (CET, Commercial Interiors Library, Cyncly 2020, KITS Collaborator, or other web-based configurations.)

Favorite Take-A-Ways:

  • Vetted industry data management favorites, Catalog Express by Cyncly, and the up-and-coming Poet PIM system.
  • Decoder ring of acronyms of available products / systems.
  • Conversations with the team at KISP, Rob, Laura, and Robin, as well as Aquan Singleton with AIS, and Tim Deemter, AIS’s CET extension development partner with Platinum Edge Solutions.

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The Trend Report | Episode 123 – The Design POP and More with Alexandra Tseffos

Industry Legend, Sid Meadows, interview Alex (Alexandra) Tseffos to gain her perspectives into her journey from designer to influencer in the contract interiors industry, as well as the focus of her podcast, centering around dealer designers and the struggles they encounter in the industry. Alex’s goal? Drive awareness for the challenges Dealer Designers face, while concurrently serving as a voice for them while moving the industry and profession forward.

Favorite Take-Aways:

  • AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) on our industry technology. (Minute 13:55.)
  • Alexandra’s desire to focus on the professional development of interior designers. (Minute 19:47.)

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Like What You Saw / Heard? Recommendations for other industry podcasts we should summarize?

If you have a favorite industry podcast not listed above, let us know! We’ll take a listen and include them in next month’s summary!

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