Time to Automate Your Cash Flow Management?

Not so long ago, cash flow management automation was something for Fortune 500 type companies only. Not anymore. Today, a broad range of affordable, technology-driven solutions are available that furniture dealers can use to automate processes such as issuing invoices and payment reminders and provide easy to use payment methods, either by credit card or by ACH. 

As experts in back office automation and process improvement for the office furniture industry, Avanto has worked with dealers of all types and sizes to help them deploy technology that will let them manage their cash flow more effectively and efficiently.

At Steelcase Premier Partner BKM Total Office of Texas, Avanto was able to generate $80,000 in savings from that process in just the first year alone. 

At the same time, we helped free up valuable time that BKM team members were able to spend on higher value activities and provide them with technical training and career development opportunities that resulted in stronger morale and a more cohesive team spirit.

Every dealer is different, of course, with their own unique set of priorities and objectives. But they all have one thing in common: the potential threat to their overall market strength that’s involved in failing to automate low-value processes and procedures wherever possible.

Implementation of accounts payable automation not only delivers increased productivity to your dealers. It also brings greater visibility into true product costs, a key resource in the fight against margin erosion. At the same time, errors can be identified far earlier in the quote-to-order cycle, so that they can either be avoided entirely or addressed before negatively impacting the bottom line.

If all this convinces you that it’s time to automate how you manage your cash flow, we can help. For more information, contact Avanto’s Matt Danyliw (PH: 860-400-6030; Email: or visit

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