The commercial interiors industry is crowded with contract and residential grade manufacturers selling furniture and workplace accessories through a range of B2B and B2C distribution channels. Be encouraged! Differentiating yourself is easier than you might think. Elevate awareness of your brand, increase product selection rate, and establish rock-star status with your distribution channels with an automated order processing solution that ensures order accuracy, maximizes processes efficiencies, and streamlines the process end-to-end.

What is an automated order processing system?

Automated order processing takes a modern approach to order fulfillment by taking an integrated technology approach. An automated solution, like our OrderBahn platform, streamlines the entire order processing cycle and connects all relevant parts of the commercial interiors ecosystem to ensure a seamless end-to-end experience for end customers.

Only What You Need. 

Avanto’s OrderBahn platform gives clients options. While some clients chose to automate select service and dashboard capabilities, others chose to embrace the full offering of the platform. Whatever you need is what we implement. As a system agnostic integrator, our platform can engage with any industry and business platform. We deliver just what you need for where you are with your current business strategies and capabilities.

A platform that delivers end-to-end solutions and options.

    • Order capture and verification. Collect, verify, and consolidate order specifics into a central system to ensure accuracy and consistency.
    • Inventory management. Track inventory levels, identify inventory delivery challenges, and empower sales and specification teams to explore and swap options to ensure an on-time, complete customer installation.
    • Order Routing and Fulfillment. Ensure products are routed to the appropriate customer location and connect installation management teams. Having everyone staged and onsite for an on-time installation is essential to delighting customers and laying the groundwork for repeat business.
    • Payment processing. Ensure accurate collection, acknowledgement, and posting of customer payments for on-time vendor and sales channel payments.
    • Shipping and delivery. Automate shipping label printouts and shipping cost calculation while simultaneously activating customer and distribution ability to track orders and plan for proactive and reactive installation needs.
    • Installation issue capture and resolution. It’s never acceptable to install and walk away. Having an end-to-end connected system ensures that issues are identified, documented, tracked, and communicated in real-time so your team can react and resolve in the moment. A satisfied end customer is a repeat end customer.

If your 2024 business objectives include increasing profitable sales and improving your customer interface, an investment in an automated order processing solution can have a direct impact on your business, and your respective distribution channels business.  Invest in the right tools. Integrate them seamlessly into your existing systems, and leverage customized on-demand reports so you can manage your business for maximum efficiency and profitability in real time.

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