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There are many good reasons for automating back-office processes and tasks in your business. Efficiency, productivity, and end-to-end accuracy for starters.

At Avanto, when we meet with contract furniture Manufacturers, and commercial interior Dealerships and Sales Rep Groups, we want to understand workflows, digital touchpoints, and data transfers, AND we want to understand what they are hoping to gain for employees and work culture with their automation project. We see an opportunity to automate processes to benefit their business while simultaneously redefining the value of work, enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement, while laying the groundwork for an exciting future.

Automation | Good for Business  

By automating repetitive and tedious back-office processes, businesses are better able to ensure end-to-end accuracy, identify underutilized human resources, and leverage data to inform real-time decisions.  

In addition, automation streamlines processes that would otherwise require supervisor or manager oversite and integration, expanding your potential workforce to include hybrid and remote workers.

Automation | Good for Employees

While many still view automation as a job elimination tool, the reality is that automation has always had the workers’ best interest in mind! Automating back-office processes take the repetitive, tedious tasks and enables employees to take on more strategic, fulfilling work.

With less time spent on manual tasks, employees are now able to take on more strategic, fulfilling work, tapping into their creativity while leveraging human skills that automation can’t replicate – experience, expertise, intellect, and emotional intelligence.

Automation | Good for the Future

Automating tasks to improve business efficiencies and outputs while eliminating repetitive tasks and enhancing human potential has been a cornerstone of our economy since the industrial age. The needs of the Commercial Interiors industry continue to evolve as the workplace and workforce evolve. At Avanto, we offer a portfolio that includes custom software solutions and on-demand services to ensure accuracy from end-to-end of your order management process, streamlined management of your accounting and back-office needs, and automated payment processing so you remain in good standing with customers, partners, and vendors.

If you are looking for an industry experienced partner, who understands that every Manufacturer, Dealer, and Sales Rep group’s needs are unique and require a custom approach, let’s have a conversation. Everything we offer is a-la-carte and custom to your business needs and capabilities, so you can start small and continue to build efficiencies through our software and services as you grow.

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