Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Carroll, Chief Operating Officer at Working Spaces, an innovative leader in commercial furniture and office design.  Tim joined Working Spaces as their General Manager in 2019, before transitioning to Chief Operating Officer in 2021. The team at Working Spaces are avid supporters of Avanto and the process improvements and automated systems they’ve put into place to take their financing operations, “from chaos to calm.”


Tell me how you came to partner with Avanto.

When I came to Working Spaces, it was (is) a very process driven company – except for the accounting department, which was in chaos. We had a legacy controller, and frankly, the numbers were bogus. I was familiar with Avanto, and after bringing them on board they quickly brought order and process to the chaos. Now the Dealership aligns from top-to-bottom in terms of process.

Now that you have order in your accounting areas, how else have you utilized Avanto and their services?

Avanto has also taken on the manual, repetitive tasks originally allocated to other teams and departments, which has enabled them to focus on their primary responsibilities. In doing so, we’ve been able to streamline things and build efficiencies throughout, allowing us to be nimbler.

How would you classify Avanto within the Working Spaces organization?

Avanto is our accounting department. They manage income statements, reporting, and monthly close-out. We leverage the Avanto OrderBahn system, which verifies order information and identifies discrepancies so we can address and reconcile in real-time. They take care of invoicing and order acknowledgements originally managed by project coordinators. Our design team was originally handling pricing – now the project coordinators can manage pricing and designers can focus on designing.

Final thoughts?

Avanto helped us get our house in order. They have no agenda. They receive data, process data, and report data. It’s just a transaction – no hidden agenda. I like data. In data, God, (and Avanto,) we trust.

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